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We offer the following services

Educational Software Development

Educational Software Development is our first priority. We have the experience of about 8 years in developing educational softwares for children. Schools and Colleges may contact us regarding development of educational sofrtwares for teaching their classes through latest technologies using computers and projectors. We develop softwares for all versions of windows operating system. For more details pelase contact us

Typing and Data Entry Job

Typing job of small nature, like typing thesis, projects, articles and applications, Job Application Formats etc. is also done. For more details please contact us at 9417235525 and 08529714720 (Hisar) or email us at We do typing and data entry job at a very reasonable price. Printing facility is available for only local areas of Hisar City. Click Here For Contact Details


Translation job from English To Hindi and Hindi to English is also done by us. Please contact us for general translation job from English to Hindi and Hindi To English. Technical translation related to computer engineering is also done by us. No other technical/engineering translation job is accepted by us. Click Here For Contact Details

Website Development

Website development using HTML5, is done by us. Please contact us for small projects of websites containing about 30-40 pages using HTML5 and You can also contact us for redesigning of old websites to make them compatible with new technologies. We also do the Search Engine Optimisation for Google, Bing etc. and arrange listing of websites in the search engines. Click Here To See Contact Details

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